Give Without Giving

The Business with a 'Purpose'.

An ELECTRICITY DEAL that BEST suits YOUR lifestyle AND
HELPS support a local NOT-FOR-PROFIT / VOLUNTEER organisation.

WATCH the video or READ ON - this is all at NO COST for you.

What POWER-2B is about!

POWER-2B is 'Give Without Giving'.  Giving'.

YOU GET the ELECTRICITY DEAL that BEST suits your lifestyle; based on the information YOU PROVIDE.
We'll provide advice and information on available energy deals.
YOU CHOOSE  the deal that BEST suits YOU.
POWER-2B manages the rest.

IN ADDITION you also get the benefits from your chosen supplier.

IN APPRECIATION of you choosing us, POWER-2B MAKE a £10 DONATION to a Supported Body*
(be it a school, club, charity, or other community group etc).
That is POWER-2B!

POWER-2B is part of Focused Hub Ltd, a local business that is not affiliated with any power supplier.

Let POWER-2B get the best deal for YOU and your family's lifestyle;
and, at the same time, begin the

*Must be registered with POWER-2B (Focused Hub Ltd)

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Enter your POWER-2B code below to start supporting your chosen not-for-profit and get the best deal for your lifestyle!

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POWER-2B in Control

You could save money, and help support a school, club, charity, or other community groups etc.  POWER-2B, which is GDPR compliant, will manage your contract with you in control.

POWER-2B will get the best electricity deal for you and your family's lifestyle; based on the information YOU PROVIDE.

In appreciation of you choosing us, POWER-2B MAKE a £10 DONATION to a Supported Body (be it a school, club, charity, or other community groups etc).

Follow the simple steps below and register with POWER-2B today!

1. Complete Information Forms or Request a
call back

2. You Choose the Deal

We'll come back to you with the best deals for your lifestyle

YOU decide the deal that suits you BEST!

3. POWER-2B code - Show your Support

Confirm your POWER-2B code, supplied by your Organisation / Group / Community etc and show your support to a project close to you!

Don't have a code? It will not affect your electricity deal.

4. We'll Do the Rest - with you in Control

We will send an email confirming your selected supplier; and the organisation you have chosen to support.

POWER-2B Involved with your NOT-FOR-PROFIT Organisation

POWER-2B is open for ALL schools, clubs, charities, and other community groups etc.
POWER-2B is GDPR compliant.

Begin a FUNDRAISING journey with a UNIQUE TWIST
- NEVER CLOSES to new members.
- ANNUAL CONTRIBUTION to your organisation.

To become a POWER-2B participant, apply below.
*Individuals can also be aided, but the project MUST be supported by a charity, group or community, and registered with POWER-2B.

1. Apply with your Organisation / Group / Community details

2. Review the provided details

We will review your application and get in contact with you.

3. Confirmation

Once agreed we will confirm your POWER-2B CODE
for your organisation to use.

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