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What POWER-2B is about! (more detail)

POWER-2B is 'Give Without Giving'.  

YOU GET the ELECTRICITY DEAL that BEST suits your lifestyle; based on the information YOU PROVIDE.
We'll provide advice and information on available energy deals.
YOU CHOOSE  the deal that BEST suits YOU.
POWER-2B manages the rest.

IN ADDITION you also get the benefits from your chosen supplier.

IN APPRECIATION of you choosing us, POWER-2B MAKE a £10 DONATION to a Supported Body*
(be it a school, club, charity, or other community group etc).
That is POWER-2B!

POWER-2B is part of Focused Hub Ltd, a local business that is not affiliated with any power supplier.

Let POWER-2B get the best deal for YOU and your family's lifestyle;
and, at the same time, begin the

*Must be registered with POWER-2B (Focused Hub Ltd)

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if you already have a Power-2B code given to you by your organisation or though the dedicated flyers, then enter here. If not, then visit our ‘SUPPORTED BODIES’ page and ‘hover over’ the different organisations, see what they are using the money for and use their Power-2B code.

Enter your POWER-2B code below to start supporting your chosen not-for-profit and get the best deal for your lifestyle!

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You could save money, and help support a school, club, charity, or other community groups etc.  POWER-2B, which is GDPR compliant, will manage your contract with you in control.

POWER-2B will get the best electricity deal for you and your family's lifestyle; based on the information YOU PROVIDE.

In appreciation of you choosing us, POWER-2B MAKE a £10 DONATION to a Supported Body (be it a school, club, charity, or other community groups etc).

Follow the simple steps below and register with POWER-2B today!

1. Complete Information Forms or Request a
call back

2. You Choose the Deal

We'll come back to you with the best deals for your lifestyle

YOU decide the deal that suits you BEST!

3. POWER-2B code - Show your Support

Confirm your POWER-2B code, supplied by your Organisation / Group / Community etc and show your support to a project close to you!

Don't have a code? It will not affect your electricity deal.

4. We'll Do the Rest - with you in Control

We will send an email confirming your selected supplier; and the organisation you have chosen to support.

As a GROUP get INVOLVED for your (Not-For-Profit) ORGANISATION through Power-2B

POWER-2B is open for ALL schools, clubs, charities, and other community groups etc.
POWER-2B is GDPR compliant.

Begin a FUNDRAISING journey with a UNIQUE TWIST
- NEVER CLOSES to new members.
- ANNUAL CONTRIBUTION to your organisation.

To become a POWER-2B participant, apply below.
*Individuals can also be aided, but the project MUST be supported by a charity, group or community, and registered with POWER-2B.

1. Apply with your Organisation / Group / Community details

2. Review the provided details

We will review your application and get in contact with you.

3. Confirmation

Once agreed we will confirm your POWER-2B CODE
for your organisation to use.

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