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What is your group about? What are your goals? What is your funding need? Please answer briefly below in the box provided. (Click on the examples below for guidance)

We are B******** Youth Club. Our goal is to be able to operate 52 week of the year, at present we cannot so we are looking funds. Giving people somewhere to go means a lot for the local community.

We are a D******* Community Group. Our goal is to keep our village appreciated by all. We need funds to constantly maintain how the village looks.

E***** Primary School. We consistently needs funds and see this as a way of generating funds on an on-going basis.

We are ZXZXZXZX CLG / Football Club based in B@@@@@@@@. We are a community-based club and we are looking on-going funds to develop the club and our facilities.

*Individuals can also be aided, but the project MUST be supported by a charity, group or community, and registered with POWER-2B.